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"I have been playing golf for a few years, but have not had lessons in some time. I made the decision to attend qualifying school for the LPGA, but I had only 4 months to get to a 4 handicap. Before I started with Jay, I was at a 13 handicap. Since I've been taking lessons from Jay, I have won a golf tournament, made 1st team all conference, and qualified for LPGA Qualifying School. I am currently still taking lessons from Jay to help me prepare for the Symetra Tour events starting in March, 2013. The best thing about Jay is that he knows exactly what he is talking about and makes it easy for you to understand, no matter what your background is. I would highly, highly recommend Jay."
Stephanie Ellingwood, Symetra Tour



"I’ve played golf for over 30 years and have had lessons from some of the best teachers in the game. Recently, I had the opportunity to take a lesson from Jay. I have to admit that I was amazed at how quickly he identified a major flaw in my swing, one that I’ve struggled with for some time now. Jay has a thorough understanding of the mechanics in the golf swing; but his ability to express them to his students in a SIMPLE way is what makes him a great teacher. For golfers of any age or level who want to improve their game, I strongly suggest that they spend some time with Jay. In a very short time they will not only see their scores improve; but more importantly, will understand their own swing and what they need to work on when practicing on their own." 
- Michael Sugar, Former Nike Tour Player, Yorba Linda CA
Course Record Holder at The Links at Monarch Beach, 65
Course Record Holder at Mile Square Golf Course, 63


"Your pupil won! So, it went well, I got into the top 10 net, which they then had a derby playoff... heck, I won! On the last par 3, 135 yards, stuck it within a foot to get down to 2 players, then had to repeat hole and stuck it within 12 feet par'd to tie into a chip off, which with your chipping system, I won! All that in front of 100 people and didn't choke! Thanks coach!" 
Michael Turano, Owner of Canyon Hills Animal Clinic


"Jay, just wanted to drop a text. Last Saturday I played a round and shot 85 with what felt like little effort. The funny thing is I was a little disappointed because I missed some putts that I don't usually miss, I should have been around 80. I believe with your help, within the next couple of months, high seventies low eighties will be my norm."
- Kary Laursen, Owner of Kimberly Machine


"Hi Jay, I know it's been a while since I took my last lesson (I think this is how confession starts), but just wanted to let you know I shot my lowest round ever today a 75. I was super excited !!. As with any round I still think about the 4 short putts I missed that could have led to a sub par round, but for today, 75 is fantastic. FYI, I recommended you to my neighbor Kevin K to contact you regarding lessons. Anyways, hope you and your family are doing well and look forward to getting back to work shortly." 
Gary Horns



"Thank you so much for all of your help. I made varsity on my golf team (Huntington Beach High School). I just wanted to say Thanks!" - Courtney Griffith, Huntington Beach, CA


"I made Varsity as a freshman! (Rosary High School) 
Gwen Bates, Orange County


"Jay Lim rocks as a teacher!!! Follow him and your game will improve dramatically!"
- Kate Hughes
Former LPGA Tour Player, 4/22/12 via twitter


"I just hit 13 out of 14 fairways. My iron shots were like arrows. I just had to trust the swing. As a chiropractor, biomechanics are important. This is an efficient safe swing. Jay is the best golf instructor that I have had. 
- Dr. Henry Cardenas


"Had my first lesson with Jay and very excited about the next. I felt I knew what was wrong in the swing but didn't know how to correct it. With Jay's quick observations and no-nonsense approach I can already tell I'm on the right track" 
John Wiley


"I don't know what you did to me but after two months of not being able to break eighty my last three rounds have been 77,77,76. All I can say is thank you and I can't wait for our next lesson." 
Robert Van Dusen


"Shot an f'n 68 today my friend. 2 eagles, 2 birdies, 2 bogies. How awesome is that? Only broke 70 twice and shot 68. Unbelievable! Thanks brotha'!" 
- Rob Stillman


"Jay, went to hit balls. Most confident I have ever been striking the ball. Thank you."  
Robert Vieira, Placentia, CA


"Jay! The coach at Notre Dame let me walk on to the team! I NEED MORE LESSONS NOW! :)"
- Katherine Guo, LA County


"Just had to share. After just 2 months of instruction, I shot my best round ever at Coyote Hills 88! My average scores before lessons was 120+. You are an awesome instructor!"
- Tom Easterday, President of CRT Data, Brea


"I'm hitting the ball amazingly well. Thank you so much Jay!"
- Davy Sim


Jay, all I can say is THANKS! I've now had two lessons with you and the first got me hitting my irons consistently and pure. The second lesson, you straightened my driver which has been hooking for the last year and half! I've been to the range 3 times since our last lesson. I am hitting the living crud out of my clubs and getting distance and accuracy that I didn't know I could get. You have a great way of explaining the golf swing and in a way that an amateur can understand. I can't wait to go to the course and see my scores go down! I'll keep you updated! Thanks Jay! If anyone is wondering if they should get lessons w/ Jay, don't even hesitate! 
 Steve Hamada


After 6 lessons - "Jay, I was hitting balls at Strawberry Farms in Irvine. They have a double range where people hit from both sides. I was landing balls past the 260 marker when one of the employees walked up to me and said "Sir, you can't hit your driver anymore. You're hitting the people on the other side!"
Louis Baker, Author of A Total Life, Newport CA


"I have been to many swing coaches an golf instructors in my life and Jay was by far the best.  I have been seeing Jay for about a year now and He has transformed my golf game to a whole new level. I know what i did wrong on my bad shots and i feel confident over any shot and yesterday  I shot a 74! See you next week Jay keep up the great work!"
- Timesh Patel