Max Allen

Biomechanical Golf Specialist



Hi! My name is Max Allen, and I was born and raised in Encinitas, CA. I began swinging a golf club at age five, but I did not approach it seriously till I was ten. I played several sports competitively throughout my life. I was a dominant and heavily scouted goalkeeper in club soccer, won a beach Volleyball tournament, and my team and I captured five consecutive Ultimate Frisbee Championships. I still engage in a few of these recreationally, but I turned to golf full time as a teenager. 

I played four years of High School Varsity Golf and competed on the FCG Tour. Being in Southern California, I played against the top ranked Juniors in the country and held my own on a few occasions. In two years I finished top-10 and top-15 in Individual CIF finals. I earned several golf scholarships, but committed to Biola University knowing I could walk-on my Sophomore year. I decided to take a year off to acclimate to the college lifestyle and hone my game as a self taught golfer, and had my best results yet. However, with two weeks till my tryout, I sustained a critical hand injury at a sporting event cutting my college career short.

I lost significant time to surgery and physical therapy, and at the end of recovery I was a Senior who had not hit a tournament golf shot in nearly four years. Despite my physical trouble and absence from the game, I managed to compete. Unfortunately, I re-injured my hand eliminating any chance of success. 

Since graduating cum laude with a degree in Business Management, I have balanced my professional business pursuits and coaching the Men’s Golf Program at Biola University. As a coach, I work with players both on the physical and mental aspects of the game. I conduct swing analysis, teach course management, and most importantly develop the attitude and mentality to play and compete in this tough sport. Under my leadership, the team has achieved its greatest scoring averages, team finishes, and even the first individual titles since 2011. After working in the Marketing and Healthcare Industries, respectively, I became the Biola University Men’s Head Golf Coach in 2016.

My passion for the game has kept me attentive to many of the best teachers and instruction in the industry. One thing I have been at odds with is the conflicting and confusing breakdown of the golf swing. In my one attempt at golf lessons, I walked away discouraged, believing I was further from my goals than when I had started. Since that moment I have been self taught, using trial and error.

It had remained this way, until submitting my game to GolfCode360. After a few hours of exposure to this system, the ideal golf swing was no longer elusive to me. I know my best golf is ahead. Now I want to save others from the same grief I endured.

No more complex breakdowns or jargon. GolfCode 360’s systematic approach is comprehensible to the beginner and the professional. As a player who has hit rock bottom as well as reach the peaks, as a coach who has worked with troubled and flourishing competitors, I can meet with you wherever you are and propel you towards your goals. 


I’m excited to begin,